Your presence is obviously the best present but we also appreciate your help with building our home. We have two gift lists and two organisations that we’d be delighted and honoured if you would consider supporting in our name.

IKEA Gift Account
Following a year of searching and multiple setbacks, we now have a flat to make our home! If you would like to contribute to our new home, see above for the details of our IKEA Gift Account. It is a voucher-only account (they don’t do a gift registry), but we have already spied out some useful, Scandinavian-friendly things. Two percent of your gift will be donated to UNICEF.

John Lewis Gift List
We have also selected some wonderful, practical things for our married life together from John Lewis. The gift list is now open for you to look at if you were considering buying us something specific for the flat.

Keshet UK works to promote the full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Jews in all aspects of Jewish life. Part of creating the warm, inclusive, equal Jewish community that we value, is education, training and advocacy. Keshet UK seeks to provide those tools. You can donate on the ‘get involved’ page.

Friends of the Bereaved Families Forum
The best present we could receive is to be able to share our joy as widely as possible. The Bereaved Families Forum brings together Israelis and Palestinians who have lost relatives in the conflict. Through intimate meetings and sustained conversations they seek to bring about reconciliation and peace. Your donation would support their invaluable and courageous work.